Well actually I don’t; but am considering doing so. What am I talking about? Eyelash extensions. Lately, I’ve observed my Dolls, friends and fashionistas on the street donning and batting fabulously long and full lashes. Their secret? Eyelash extensions. I know I’m late to the game. But, I’ve yet to commit, because I have questions. How are they applied? Will they irritate my eyes? What happens when I rub my eyes? How do I remove my eye makeup? What happens when one (or two) fall out? Are they high-maintenance? How often do I need them touched up? And on, and on, and on. With so many questions, I decide to do a little research into “said” extensions. (Shout out to CA!) Peep what I learned during a consultation at the Four Seasons Spa Baltimore.

Q. What are eyelash extensions? Lash extensions are natural looking mink, silk or synthetic eyelashes applied one-by-one to each individual natural lash. They are designed to provide the thickness and length that you may have not naturally inherited.

Q.  Can I select the length and fullness of the lash extension? Yep. Lash extensions come in any length, color, thickness and curvature you can imagine.

Q. How are lash extensions applied? The extensions are applied with a waterproof, semi-permanent glue designed not to irritate your eye or natural lashes.

Q. How long do they take to apply? It is my understanding that applying a full set can take anywhere from 2 – 3 hours.

Q. How should eye makeup be removed? Eye makeup should be removed with a gentle eye makeup remover; being uber careful not to touch the lashes. You should also take great care not to get cotton fibers “stuck” in the lashes.

Q. How much does it cost to have eye lash extensions applied? Anywhere from $125.00 – $400.00 depending on your choice of lash. Be skeptical of $20.00 lash applications. You get what you pay for.

Q. What can be done to make the lashes last longer? If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it twice – sleep on your back? No seriously, sleep on your back. Again, be gentle when removing eye makeup. Resist the urge to touch, pull or play with them. Remember to keep your touch-up appointments, as directed by your lash stylist. And finally, do not try to remove the extensions on your own.

Q. How often should they be reapplied? Most stylists recommend once every four weeks.

Check out this article from Harper’s Bazaar – What’s it Like to Have Eyelash Extensions. You won’t be able to stop laughing.

There you have it! Eyelash extensions 101. Armed with this information, I may just schedule an appointment and give ’em a try. I mean a Doll loves to accentuate the eyes!

In the interim, its me and my mascara.I want to share with you two of my favs; both as samples. Now they are constants in my rotation.


This mascara is absolutely amazing. I am more concerned with lengthening my lashes, than fullness. This lengthens beyond measure. But, for those Dolls interested in fullness, you also get that benefit. The secret? Amazonian Clay. This natural wonder’s properties have been known to restore hydration, as well as enrich color pigments, creating a volume-boosting formula with higher intensity and truer color.


I love this mascara primer. As soon as it’s applied, you immediately see your lashes lengthening. It also works to hydrate and strengthen your lashes. Chanel suggests wearing  it at night as a lash mask.

I confess to being leery of trying this at first. No shade, but I tried a similar dual wand mascara – primer on one end and mascara on the other. Once the primer was on, it never wanted to come off. I was literally pulling it off of my lashes while showering. Needless to say, my lashes were being stressed and coming out. But, not the Chanel primer. It comes off easily with an eye make up remover.

More to adore from Chanel …

The perfect companion to the Nourishing Mascara Base is Le Volume de Chanel Mascara. I am using it in No. 10 – Noir, and have nothing but rave reviews. It’s easy to apply, lengthens, doesn’t clump, and removes easily. I have been picking up the Tarte less and less these days.

What’s your favorite mascara? Do you lash? I’ll be back soon with an update on my extension experience!

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Until then, keep sharing the pretty!


Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Feeling Gray!

Hey Dolls! No, I’m not feeling down. It was simply too easy to title this post “50 Shades of Gray.” Any who, when the seasons change, my fall-back color (no pun intended) is black, with the ever-present perfect shade of Chanel Red Lipstick. I rock black with red lips straight through to Spring. But a funny thing happened this year when I began paying attention to  my cool weather wardrobe. My black is being overtaken by gray – gray pants, gray turtlenecks, gray jackets, gray, you name it. I even find myself attracted to gray on the racks in the boutiques and stores I shop. And, although I have been a creature of habit, I welcome the change to gray.

So what’s new in gray? Here are my fav’s in gray for the season.


You have to love this shade, described as an “opaque cement.” Not to mention that the packaging is to die for! (And yep, they call it “nailed” lacquer!)


Smoke is the newest edition to the Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad Collection. Touted as “color contouring,” these cool matte grays, coupled with a touch of deep taupe, are perfect for a crisp fall evening.  


I know, I know! I am taking you out of your comfort zone with this uber-edgy look. But, I promise, it is so chic against the matte eye look above from the Kat Von D Smoke Quad. I purchased, wore it, and have yet to be kicked out of our home by my Mr.

Feeling unsure about all of this darkness? My gift to you – a makeup tutorial by my favorite YouTube beauty blogger, The Fancy Face. No one does it better than Miss Tina. Peep her tutorial below to get the deets on how to rock this look. And be sure to subscribe to  her YouTube Channel! You’ll love her!

Now, what to wear? My go-to staple for the colder weather, a cashmere turtleneck. I am loving this simple deep gray t-neck. Pair it with casual leggings, skinny jeans, or leather leggings with a haute stiletto.


You cannot go wrong with this outerwear number from J. Crew. Truly a show-stopper, the pièce de résistance with any casual outfit!


Why not give both of these pieces a little pizzaz with beaded tassel earrings. Also from J. Crew, these beauties are so pretty in “misty fog,” dangling for a sparkly rhinestone!

Finally, we know a Doll can’t go far without a mean shoe, or in this case, boot game. Check out these charcoal thigh highs from Stuart Weitzman. These numbers illicit a full-on swoon!


You see why my mood is gray?! Won’t you join me!

Until then,


Je T’aime!

Hello Dolls! It’s Valentine’s Day! So, whether you being pampered, or pampering yourself, do so in grand style!

And, if you’re doing a little last minute Valentine’s Day shopping, peep The Pretty Domestic Love List:

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Rouge Rubis

Chanel_Rouge Rubis

Tom Ford Scarlett Rouge Lip Color


Hunter Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots | “Wellies”


Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Zippy Wallet


 Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil

_5730947 (2)

‘Japonica – Goji Tarocco Orange’ Three-Wick Candle


Until Then,


The Pretty Domestic

The Hiatus is Over! 50 Shades of Red … The Recap

Hey Dolls!

You thought I forgot, didn’t you? Of course not; but I did take a much needed summer detour. The hiatus is over, so let me give you a quick recap of 50 Shades of Red, Vols. I – VI.

The Recap_v3


50 Shades of Red … Vol. I

The Shade: Rouge Coco Shine “Dialogue,” with Framboise Precision Lip Definer, and Levres Scintillantes Glossimer 04, all compliments of Chanel. I could never fully commit to the color ~ just too much pink/magenta undertone. I would probably rock the gloss sans lipstick. red lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in white

50 Shades of Red … Vol. II

The Shade: L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in “Target” Red ~ ironically a quick purchase from said Target ~ with a MAC Lip Pencil in Brick. “Target Red” is the perfect shade of red, and lasts “foreva.” It has somewhat of a matte finish, which I love, but my lips still retained their moisture. red lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in white

50 Shades of Red … Vol. III

The Shade: MAC DIVA, with its complimentary Currant Lip Pencil. Very severe. In the tube, it was a beautifully rich, deep burgundy, but it played really harsh on me; needed frequent reapplication, and the liner was a bit too dark. red lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in white

50 Shades of Red … Vol. IV

The Shade: Gloss Mirior ~ Extreme by Sephora in Femme Fatale. I’m not a gloss girl, but I love everything about Gloss Mirior ~ Extreme by Sephora in Femme Fatale. This little number is a top contender for my fav red lips isolated in white red lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in white

50 Shades of Red … Vol. V

The Shade: ZuZu Luxe Vino de Amor Lipstick. There’s nothing about Vino de Amor Lipstick I don’t like. The color – check; long wearing and moist – check, check; the ability to wear it without lip liner (something I rarely do) check, check, check! red lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in whitered lips isolated in white

50 Shades of Red … Vol. VI

The Shade: Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss. Tried to like it, but didn’t. It was extremely transparent and required a lot of reapplication. It also felt very gritty. Nope! red lips isolated in white

Le Confession
I traveled to La Posoda Resort & Spa mid-May disappointed by my experience with my Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick a la Ms. Moss, yet still committed to following through with 50 Shades of Red … Vol. VII. The highlight of my trip was going to be spending time with friends, as well as my Mother and Aunt Mary Kay, both of whom are of the world of Grande Dolls. These women are always dolled up. It doesn’t matter where they are going – ensemble, hair and makeup are always just right! As we shopped, ate, and chatted, Aunt Mary Kay pulled out a tube of the prettiest pink lipstick. It was gorgeous and matched her perfectly glowing tan complexion. I had to have it. GASP! But, what to do, what to do? Could I abandon 50 Shades and the disappointment from Ms. Moss, make myself happy and ask Aunt Mary Kay the details of this beauty? You know where I’m going, I did the latter, and for the past several months have been wearing Make Me Pink Lipstick 135 by Maybelline. You heard me right, Maybelline! (Clutch the pearls!) I’ve never received so many complements. I love the color, texture, it’s moisturizing, long-lasting and looks good with a tan. On a scale of 0 to 5, I give it 5 pink lips! Pink LipsPink LipsPink LipsPink LipsPink Lips

maybelline color sensational lipstick make me pink swatch

But a commitment is a commitment. Here’s where we are. Make Me Pink Lipstick is being retired today! After all, Summer is almost gone and we can now return to our regularly scheduled program with the Bobbi Brown Red Alert Edition of 50 Shades of Red … Vol. VII. Yep, I’m trying all four!

FullSizeRender (7)

Image: Instagram

Whew, that’s off of my chest. At least you can say a Doll is honest. Glad to be back!

Until Then,


The Pretty Domestic

50 Shades of Red

The change in seasons from warm to cold weather, and preparations for the holidays always find me putting away my NARS Orgasm Gloss and reaching for one of a dozen shades of red lipstick I own. There’s nothing like a sleek ponytail (or bun for those that know me), a black turtleneck, a pair of Jackie O style sunglasses and the perfect red lipstick, as you venture out to face the world on a crisp winter morning.

The operative word here is “perfect.” I suppose perfect is relative to your taste, but for me the perfect shade of red can’t have too much of an orange or fuchsia undertone. I prefer a deep, what I call “true red,” with cool undertones.

I have too many tubes that I’ve worn only once or twice, but a Doll needs to commit. So over the next year, I commit to a red a month. Yes, I have that many! Each month I will select a red lipstick, gloss or stain in my stash and wear it for a month, sharing with you my likes and dislikes. Yep, I know it’s subjective, but you get the point. It is my hope that by next year this time I can finally choose a fav. If not, I will have had fun trying.

First up, and between now and December 18th, it’s me and Rouge Coco Shine “Dialogue,”  with Framboise Precision Lip Definer, and Levres Scintillantes Glossimer 04, all compliments of Chanel.

I purchased this trio at Neiman Marcus for my wedding; but because I went with a heavier eye, I opted for a nude lip.

photo (2)

At first blush it has a little too much pink undertone for me, but I filled in my whole lip with the precision lip definer, before applying the Dialogue, and it doesn’t look too bad. I may add a touch of the Glossimer later, we’ll see ~ 29 days to experiment.

Although I prefer a matte look, this has a little shine, but not too much; and it definitely keeps your lips moist. So far, not too bad.

You should know that the lipsticks, glosses and stains I will be sharing will be a mixture of high and low. And yes, I know that I am only committing to 12 shades, not 50 for my more literal Dolls, but a girl has to go with what she has. That said, welcome to 50 Shades of Red!

By the way, tell me, what’s your favorite shade of red?

Until Then,

~ L.

The Pretty Domestic