50 Shades of Red

The change in seasons from warm to cold weather, and preparations for the holidays always find me putting away my NARS Orgasm Gloss and reaching for one of a dozen shades of red lipstick I own. There’s nothing like a sleek ponytail (or bun for those that know me), a black turtleneck, a pair of Jackie O style sunglasses and the perfect red lipstick, as you venture out to face the world on a crisp winter morning.

The operative word here is “perfect.” I suppose perfect is relative to your taste, but for me the perfect shade of red can’t have too much of an orange or fuchsia undertone. I prefer a deep, what I call “true red,” with cool undertones.

I have too many tubes that I’ve worn only once or twice, but a Doll needs to commit. So over the next year, I commit to a red a month. Yes, I have that many! Each month I will select a red lipstick, gloss or stain in my stash and wear it for a month, sharing with you my likes and dislikes. Yep, I know it’s subjective, but you get the point. It is my hope that by next year this time I can finally choose a fav. If not, I will have had fun trying.

First up, and between now and December 18th, it’s me and Rouge Coco Shine “Dialogue,”  with Framboise Precision Lip Definer, and Levres Scintillantes Glossimer 04, all compliments of Chanel.

I purchased this trio at Neiman Marcus for my wedding; but because I went with a heavier eye, I opted for a nude lip.

photo (2)

At first blush it has a little too much pink undertone for me, but I filled in my whole lip with the precision lip definer, before applying the Dialogue, and it doesn’t look too bad. I may add a touch of the Glossimer later, we’ll see ~ 29 days to experiment.

Although I prefer a matte look, this has a little shine, but not too much; and it definitely keeps your lips moist. So far, not too bad.

You should know that the lipsticks, glosses and stains I will be sharing will be a mixture of high and low. And yes, I know that I am only committing to 12 shades, not 50 for my more literal Dolls, but a girl has to go with what she has. That said, welcome to 50 Shades of Red!

By the way, tell me, what’s your favorite shade of red?

Until Then,

~ L.

The Pretty Domestic

8 thoughts on “50 Shades of Red

  1. I LOVE the look of a red lip but am still searching for my right shade of red. I struggle with shades that are too orange, too pink and too blue. I don’t fair we in cool colors and need a warmer shade. I am searching for a more brick red that doesn’t go too brown. I’ll try seeing if a good liner color can help balance out one of the many reds I have. Thanks for the inspiration to try, try again!

    • Kimme, NYX has Brick Red ALABAMA (MLS07). If you need moisture of use a eos as your base and for shine you can add gloss, because it is a matte.

  2. I can’t wait to read your reviews. I generally like reds with brown undertones but am open to try others. I think changing the shade of red based on the season is a good suggestion.

      • So, I am finally embracing shades of red lip color after embracing my full lips totally. Loving RiRi Woo and NYX Cranberry Red for a matte finish. To add shine, I just add either a nude or clear lip gloss. Urban Decay has wonderful shades of red pencils that can also achieve the matte red look I discovered after a demo in Ulta.

  3. My fave red these days is Chanel’s “Rouge Coco”, #21. It has brown tones, is in balance with my blush and eye shadow and goes on creamy. To dress it up I top it with a Chanel lip glass. All in all, pretty nice. Still, I continue to search for something better. Such is the privilege of being unwed to any particular red and always open for new discoveries. Tee hee!

  4. I love Smashbox Infrared. It’s a great matte red. I use a liner that matches my skin rather than the shade of red. Helps to maintain the integrity of my natural lip shape. The color can stand alone, no need for another layer. But if I want to go dark for more of a maroon look I add Mocha, also from Smashbox.

    My lips are full so if I want to go glossy I tend to lean towards a more pinky red gloss or tint. I like MAC Dazzleglass in Love Alert for that.

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