Well actually I don’t; but am considering doing so. What am I talking about? Eyelash extensions. Lately, I’ve observed my Dolls, friends and fashionistas on the street donning and batting fabulously long and full lashes. Their secret? Eyelash extensions. I know I’m late to the game. But, I’ve yet to commit, because I have questions. How are they applied? Will they irritate my eyes? What happens when I rub my eyes? How do I remove my eye makeup? What happens when one (or two) fall out? Are they high-maintenance? How often do I need them touched up? And on, and on, and on. With so many questions, I decide to do a little research into “said” extensions. (Shout out to CA!) Peep what I learned during a consultation at the Four Seasons Spa Baltimore.

Q. What are eyelash extensions? Lash extensions are natural looking mink, silk or synthetic eyelashes applied one-by-one to each individual natural lash. They are designed to provide the thickness and length that you may have not naturally inherited.

Q.  Can I select the length and fullness of the lash extension? Yep. Lash extensions come in any length, color, thickness and curvature you can imagine.

Q. How are lash extensions applied? The extensions are applied with a waterproof, semi-permanent glue designed not to irritate your eye or natural lashes.

Q. How long do they take to apply? It is my understanding that applying a full set can take anywhere from 2 – 3 hours.

Q. How should eye makeup be removed? Eye makeup should be removed with a gentle eye makeup remover; being uber careful not to touch the lashes. You should also take great care not to get cotton fibers “stuck” in the lashes.

Q. How much does it cost to have eye lash extensions applied? Anywhere from $125.00 – $400.00 depending on your choice of lash. Be skeptical of $20.00 lash applications. You get what you pay for.

Q. What can be done to make the lashes last longer? If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it twice – sleep on your back? No seriously, sleep on your back. Again, be gentle when removing eye makeup. Resist the urge to touch, pull or play with them. Remember to keep your touch-up appointments, as directed by your lash stylist. And finally, do not try to remove the extensions on your own.

Q. How often should they be reapplied? Most stylists recommend once every four weeks.

Check out this article from Harper’s Bazaar – What’s it Like to Have Eyelash Extensions. You won’t be able to stop laughing.

There you have it! Eyelash extensions 101. Armed with this information, I may just schedule an appointment and give ’em a try. I mean a Doll loves to accentuate the eyes!

In the interim, its me and my mascara.I want to share with you two of my favs; both as samples. Now they are constants in my rotation.


This mascara is absolutely amazing. I am more concerned with lengthening my lashes, than fullness. This lengthens beyond measure. But, for those Dolls interested in fullness, you also get that benefit. The secret? Amazonian Clay. This natural wonder’s properties have been known to restore hydration, as well as enrich color pigments, creating a volume-boosting formula with higher intensity and truer color.


I love this mascara primer. As soon as it’s applied, you immediately see your lashes lengthening. It also works to hydrate and strengthen your lashes. Chanel suggests wearing  it at night as a lash mask.

I confess to being leery of trying this at first. No shade, but I tried a similar dual wand mascara – primer on one end and mascara on the other. Once the primer was on, it never wanted to come off. I was literally pulling it off of my lashes while showering. Needless to say, my lashes were being stressed and coming out. But, not the Chanel primer. It comes off easily with an eye make up remover.

More to adore from Chanel …

The perfect companion to the Nourishing Mascara Base is Le Volume de Chanel Mascara. I am using it in No. 10 – Noir, and have nothing but rave reviews. It’s easy to apply, lengthens, doesn’t clump, and removes easily. I have been picking up the Tarte less and less these days.

What’s your favorite mascara? Do you lash? I’ll be back soon with an update on my extension experience!

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Until then, keep sharing the pretty!


Image: Harper’s Bazaar