Day 22 & Counting …

If you are like me, invariably someone in your family will give you gloves for Christmas. I have enough practical gloves to keep my hands warm until the end of days. What I don’t have enough of are fashion gloves. You know, those that add that extra umph to your outfit, but don’t serve as hand warmers.

Here are some tres chic glove gift options.

These gold Intrecciato Leather Gloves from Bottega Veneta are to die for! They only have limited sizes remaining; but if you are lucky, you can get the size of your intended gift recipient on Net-a-Porter.


These studded leather gloves by Burberry at Nordstrom are also super hot.

studded leather gloves

And finally, long black leather gloves, a la Ms. Hepburn (Audrey, that is), are a perfect gift.

long black leather gloves

Until tomorrow, happy shopping,

~ L.

The Pretty Domestic

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