50 Shades of Red … Vol. 4

I know Dolls, I know. I’m four days late; but trust me, as promised, I’ve transitioned to a new shade of red for Vol. 4 of 50 Shades of Red.

To recap, last month I went for a “dark days of winter” look by rocking MAC DIVA, with its complimentary Currant Lip Pencil.


I tried to like it, I really did; but it was very severe. In the tube, it was a beautifully rich, deep burgundy, but it played really harsh on me; needed frequent reapplication, and the liner was a bit too dark. It could also be that I changed by hair style at the beginning of the year. It’s my feeling that this shade should be reserved for a sleek more polished look. I’ve been wearing natural curls. On the other hand, my husband loved it. Hmmm … Anywho, moving on.

It’s a new month and a new red. I’m not a gloss girl, but until March 17th I’ll be sporting Gloss Mirior ~ Extreme by Sephora in Femme Fatale. I picked up this little number one day for $7.00 as I was passing through. It’s super glossy, with a subtle hint of gold sparkle. We’ll see what the next month brings.


Until Then,

~ L.

The Pretty Domestic ~ #redlipstickchick


50 Shades of Red … Vol. 3

Ah yes, another month has passed. 60 days of wearing nothing but red lipstick. A Doll will not be deterred. Another page turns tomorrows, and with it a new shade of red. But quickly, a recap from the last month.

If you remember, I wore L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in “Target Red” ~ Tar-gee, in my world ~ with a MAC Lip Pencil in Brick. Simply put, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Volume 2

“Target Red” is the perfect shade of red, and lasts “foreva.” It has somewhat of a matte finish, which I love, but my lips still retained their moisture. This duo will definitely stay in rotation. But keeping my commitment, it’s time to move on.

In my mind, January and February are the dark days of winter. Little sun, dreary weather, just blah. I too am going dark, and will be rocking MAC DIVA, with its complimentary Currant Lip Pencil. These goodies have been sitting unused in my makeup case for a minute.

Vol 3

I purchased this on a whim one day when I saw it on a Doll in the mall. She was a make-up artist, so her face was beat. I mean fab. I couldn’t resist the urge to purchase. Anyway, I’m in. Let’s go!

Until Then,

~ L.

The Pretty Domestic