You Are Cordially Invited to Champagne Sunday!

Hey Dolls! Happy Sunday! Today’s Champagne Sunday is not the usual champagne cocktail recipe. I ran across these goodies in a magazine and thought they were too cute (in a kitschy kind of way) not to post. They’re Stack Wines. What are Stack Wines you ask? Well, they’re stackable, single servings of California wines. Each sleeve contains four, 187ml “stackables,” equivalent to a 750ml bottle of wine.  Apparently, you unzip the sleeve, unsnap the glasses, peel back the foil and sip.


Now quite frankly, I am skeptical of the quality of a wine that comes in a zip sleeve with an aluminum lid, but I imagine these little numbers would be quite convenient for locations where glass containers are not allowed ~ the beach, an outdoor concert, and some tailgate party locations.

Stack Wines has also received a great deal of press ~ Food Network and Real Simple Magazines, Cosmo (I wonder would HGB dare try Stack), InTouch, OK!, The LA Times and the New York Times.


Images: Stack Wines

I’m sure the reviews are mixed. I still love the aesthetic of a beautiful bottle of wine on the bar, and consider myself a wine snob; but I am willing to give Stack a try. Would you?

Until Then,


The Pretty Domestic

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