The Must-Haves: Mommy’s Magic Kit

must-have \ˈməst-ˌhav\

1. an essential possession: the Mommy’s Magic Kit is a must-have for the stylish Mommy set


2. essential: a must-have Mommy-on-the-Go accessory

Every once in a while I run into something that is just too good not to share – a must-have. This one is for the Mommies and Mommies-to-Be. It’s called the Mommy’s Magic Kit by Bella Tunno.


The Mommy’s Kit is a stylishly cute clutch for Mommies-on the-Go. Perfect for Spring, the Kit comes in green, orange, teal and pink; and contains 12 “in a pinch” products – everything from disposable bibs to babytime Sunny Sunscreen, to crayons. I can also see using the clutch as a wallet or cosmetic case.

Bella Tunno is also a good corporate citizen. A portion of every purchase is donated to the Matt Tunno MAKE A DIFFERENCE MEMORIAL FUND, established in memory of Matt Tunno, the late brother of Bella Tunno founder, Michelle.

“In his absence, we try to meet his goals and make his dreams a reality. By donating to drug and alcohol abuse education, prevention and rehabilitation programs, our goal is to help others live the life Matt would have wanted. Additionally, Bella Tunno donates to programs supporting at-risk children and teenagers.”

I love the idea of a swanky shower gift that gives twice!

Until Then,


The Pretty Domestic