You Are Cordially Invited to Champagne Sunday!

Champagne Cocktail

Classic Champagne Cocktail

In my home, like many others, time is a commodity. Many weeks, work, volunteer responsibilities, and family commitments, keep me and my SO from carving our quality time. To use a cliche, “we’re like passing ships in the night.

Last year, a girlfriend visited and gifted a bottle of champagne. The bottle remained unopened for quite a while. One rare Sunday, with nothing on the calendar, we decided to uncork the bottle of bubbly. We sat on the couch, sipped champagne and chatted for a couple of hours. It was the perfect way to spend some quality time. Later on that week we reminisced how much fun we had and committed to making “Champagne Sundays” a tradition.

“Champagne Sunday” doesn’t always mean a bottle of champagne. Sometimes we opt for a Prosecco or Cava Spanish Sparkling Wine. There are also numerous champagne recipes to try. Here’s a favorite:

The Ingredients |

  • 3 drops Bitters
  • 1 sugar cube
  • 1 ounce Cognac
  • 4 ounces chilled Champagne

The Mixology |Drop bitters onto sugar cube; let soak in. Place sugar cube in a Champagne flute. Add Cognac, and top with Champagne and serve. This recipe can be easily multiplied. Serve, sip + enjoy!

I cordially invite you to join us for “Champagne Sundays.”┬áCheck back next week for a new “Champagne Sunday” recipe! Serve, sip + enjoy!

Until Then,

~ L.

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Image: Martha Stewart