Hey, Dolls! Lets’s talk brows. I’ve had several conversations about eyebrows this weekend. Everything from fill, microblade, permanent tattoo, high or soft arch, thick or thin, wax or thread. The options are endless. Since the “Corona-Lashay” set her sights on us, I’ve been caring for my own, keeping two quotes in mind, “Never underestimate power of a good eyebrow,” + “Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins.” I’m no expert + am done in these four steps:

  • Brush/Shape by Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Eyebrow Primer by Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Eyebrow Glue Stick by NYX Cosmetics
  • Eyebrow Micro Brow Pencil by NYX Cosmetics

But lately, I’ve been considering something more permanent. I had lunch cocktails with one of my most fabulous girlfriends recently, who had microblading + when I say her brows are EVERYTHING! Here’s to my girl M.O.! Then, I saw a young lady getting a permanent tatoo while at my hair stylist. I’ve now become so intrigued + obsessed with all things brows.

I need to hear from you. Do you care for your own? What products do you use? Have you gone the more permanent route? Let’s talk. Drop your comments + all of the deets below. 💋

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Oh Brow!

As much as I love beauty products, I also love indulging in beauty maintenance rituals ~ mani, pedis, facials, massages and body scrubs. However, I am very particular about who performs my services. I can’t just settle for any “’round the way” stylist, aesthetician, nail technician, etc.

One thing that I am super picky about is who maintains my eyebrows. For years I was never fully satisfied with my brow service. As luck would have it, walking through Nordstrom’s earlier this year I happened upon Anastasia’s Brow Bar. I’d heard of Anastasia as the brow guru to the Big O ~ one Oprah Winfrey ~ but had no idea that I could experience Anastasia on the East Coast. I immediately made an appointment and one wax in, I was committed! The shape was perfect, and I looked as if I had a mini~lunch time “procedure.” (instant facelift, if you’re in to that type of thing.) Even better, I had six months for Anastasia to get my brows in shape just in time for my August wedding! Lacy Dodge, who performed my service, became MY Anastasia guru and my friend.

Basic CMYK

I’ve been going around prophesying about Lacy and Anastasia for months, and then it dawned on me that I needed to share the knowledge, so I asked Lacy to serve as a Pretty Domestic guest blogger, and give us the “deets” about eyebrow maintenance and the “Anastasia Way.”

Lacy and T

Lacy and Tiresha of Anastasia’s Brow Bar, Nordstrom, Towson, MD
Q1. How did you arrive at Anastasia’s?

I was working at another salon and I was always referring people to Anastasia Beverly Hills products for their eyebrows over any other brand.  I did some research and found out that they had brow studios in Nordstrom, and from then on it was my mission to become a brow artist with Anastasia. It was pure luck that the position opened up right around the time that I found out about it!

Q2. You are preaching to the choir with me, but what would you tell Pretty Domestic about what makes the Anastasia method so proven and popular?

The Anastasia method is unlike any other brow waxing service.  You will not find a service like ours anywhere else.  The brow waxing service includes eyebrow measuring, waxing, tweezing, and trimming. We also diagnose any problem areas, develop a plan to improve those areas, and send you home with the proper products to fill yours brows in perfectly until the areas are perfected.

Q3. What is your number one tip for growing in perfectly shaped eyebrows?

HANDS OFF!  The best thing to do is leave your eyebrows alone.  A new shape or a fuller brow cannot be achieved unless there is hair growth to work with.  We also have an amazing brow enhancing serum to encourage more hair growth in the brow.

Q4. What products would you recommend for maintaining perfectly groomed brows?

I highly recommend a good brow brush such as the Anastasia Mini Duo Brush which has an Angled Brow Powder Applicator on one side, and a Grooming Spooley used to brush your brows on the other. Also, I would recommend a Clear or Tinted Brow Gel to keep hairs in place throughout the day.  A Clear or Tinted Brow Gel will also set your brow look so that it stays put all day.

Q5. Finally, how often do you recommend having ones eyebrows done?

Anastasia Beverly Hills recommends that a client should have their brows done every 3 weeks to maintain a perfect shape.


More about Anastasia’s:

“Anastasia Soare is highly regarded as Hollywood’s go-to expert on balance, proportion and natural beauty through her use of innovative ingredients and techniques. Professional makeup artists, beauty editors and the biggest beauty bloggers look to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand as the authority on brow and eye beauty.”

Anastasia’s methods are available to you within your local Nordstrom store at the Anastasia Brow Studio.  Each Brow Studio expert is trained to the highest Anastasia standards of brow excellence and is eager to create the perfect brow arch using the Anastasia method. In the studio you may enjoy perfect brow arching, brow reshaping and sculpting, and facial waxing.



Images: Instagram ~ @anastasiabeverlyhills

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