You Are Cordially Invited to Champagne Sunday!

Hey Dolls! Nothing says summer like lemonade. So, for the Memorial Day edition of Champagne Sunday, I give you lemonade with a twist – the “Mrs. Lemonade,” compliments of the one and only Mrs. Lilien. Peep the mixology below.

Mrs. Lemonade – A Blended Lemonade Cooler


MIXOLOGY | Combine 4 lemons (peeled and seeded), 1 cup of Vodka, 1/4 cup of simple syrup, and 6 fresh mint leaves in a blender and blend on high for 30 seconds. Stop the blender, add 3 cups of ice, and puree until smooth. Serve in chilled glasses and garnish with straws. Chin, Chin!

Until Then | Keep Sharing the Pretty!


The Pretty Domestic

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