The Must-Haves: The Classics

must-have \ˈməst-ˌhav\n

1. an essential possession: the pump, a stylish shift or sheath dress, the perfect bag, a crisp white blouse, tasteful go-to earrings, and a DVF Wrap dress are the must-haves for every Pretty Domestic Doll


2. essential: a must-have wardrobe

Recently I had a conversation with one of my Dolls, who shared that the most stressful part of her day was deciding what to wear in the morning. I was taken aback, because she is perfectly coiffed head to toe whenever I see her.

I soon realized that a lot of women feel this way. However, with the addition of some must-haves in their closet, and they can start the day with a little less angst and a little more confidence. So here it is, my list of 5 must-haves. Let’s go.

1. The Pump.

The pump is a true fashion classic and is associated with style and glamour. A Doll needs many pairs for many reasons; but the true must-have is a classic black pump in leather (and patent).


Image: Christian Louboutin Pigalle 110

2. The Shift Dress or The Sheath Dress.

A shift is commonly confused with a sheath. Both refer to uncomplicated-looking dresses that end somewhere around the knee. The difference is that a shift tends to be less fitted around the waist and hips.



Images: Net-A-Porter

3. The Bag.

The Celine Trapeze Bag might be so Twenty-Thirteen, but it’s still a great tote. It comes in solids and prints, leather and suede; but more importantly is stylish, yet sturdy.

Celine Trapeze Bag

A great clutch is also a must-have wardrobe staple. I love the soft-clutches being shown on the runways.

Sift Clutch

4. The Perfect White Blouse.

There is nothing like a perfectly crisp white blouse. In my mind it takes a skirt, suit or pants from 0 – 10 in a matter is seconds. I particularly like a white blouse with a french cuff. If you don’t have cuff links, borrow your hubby’s or S/O’s.

Now, nobody, I mean nobody does a white blouse like Carolina Herrera. I love that it is her signature look. (Every Doll needs a signature look, or signature piece.)



Images: TallSkinnyRich & The Post_Gazette

5. The Earrings.

There are some days, and evenings, that call for a more ornate earring; but for everyday, a Doll needs a go to pair that fit every outfit, for any occasion. The go-to designer, David Yurman. His classic cable hoops never fail. They are simply a classic.

David Yurman Earrings

I know I said that these were my five must-haves, but the ultimate go-to frock for those mornings when you can’t decide what to wear is the Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap-Dress. This looks great on women of all shapes and sizes.


Peep these pictures of DVF from 1974 in her original wrap! PS ~ She’s doing iPad and iPhone cases and covers now!


Images: SheFinds

There you have it, my six must-haves. Leave me a message with the go-to staples in your wardrobe.

Until Then,

~ L.

The Pretty Domestic