Thinking Orange & Black Today … We’re Still Thinking Pink (WellChick)!

Happy Halloween!

My family and I will be celebrating Halloween this evening, replete with costumes and Trick O’ Treating. However, I am keenly aware that it is still Breast Cancer Awareness Month. NOTE: Pretty Domestic will be advocating and educating all year-long. That said, our favorite Doll, PinkWellChick (Barb) recently shot a video for MayoTV about her journey fighting breast cancer. The video is honest, revealing and “must see reality TV” (the good kind)! Expect to see a series of videos from Barb that will serve as warm and informational resources for women, and their families and friends, as they face breast cancer. Thank you Barb for keeping this on our radar, and for saving lives one post, tweet and video at a time!

Also, check out Susan G. Komen’s Facts for Life ~ Breast Cancer Facts.

Until Then, Happy Haunting,

~ L.

~ The Pretty Domestic

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